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Question Virtual Hosting With Proftpd And MySQL (Incl. Quota) On Ubuntu 9.10

I used this tutorial located here:

The instructions were great and it works almost flawlessly. After completing the tutorial, I tried uploading using the username and password I created. The error message was:

The uploaded file could not be moved to /location/of/dir/

The permissions on the directory when created are:

drwx--x--x 4 ftpuser ftpgroup

This is a WordPress site with the default file structure. I have read the page here but I was wondering if this is a natural occurrence from a misconfiguration of my hosting box or if it is a WordPress issue.

Is this an upload error or file permissions? I have a great feeling this is file permissions on the WP side, but what are good permissions on customer FTP directories and how would I have those perms applied as default when the user is created through MySQL?
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