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Originally Posted by falko
Well, I guess the problem was that the system didn't have a static IP address, but was using DHCP instead, which means you never know which IP address it currently has...
You are just right.

I'had problems when I changed to static. My router couldn't see the server.
I instructed my router (by going to the managment page) to a new range of IPs (default is which was given in your tutorial (, but i could never find it (in my router's page).
Maybe I'm too newbie to handle this, but I tried this for almost 3 hours and believeme, I followed your instructions line by line. (I'm not newbe in the command line thou) and got tired. I could've missed something, but still do not know what it was. I chhecked the command line history and I noticed nothing was missed.

Maybe I DID miss something but I cannot see what.

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