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Originally Posted by falko
I know this doesn't help you anymore, but it's a widely spread misconception that most people try to install the newest software on their systems (sometimes even production systems), even if the old software is working perfect, and risk the loss of their systems.
Never touch a running system. It doesn't matter if you're running CentOS 4.2 or 4.3, Fedora 4 or 5, etc. What is important is that the system is working reliably, and not that you have the newest software. You should use Debian, and you'd learn that stability is worth far more than bleeding-edge software.
I did know that... but somehow, I forgot!

And yes, It was a production machine that I was planning to place in to a datacentre this week. I guess this is not going to happen after all!

Anyway, I hope I've reached some people not to make the same mistake as I did. I've already reported this to the bug tracker at CentOS. Hopefully they'll find a solution, coss I'm totally in to CentOS. Switching to a different distro is not an option for me right now, because all my logs and howto's are based on CentOS. I was planning to publish a Howto on your website for CentOS 4.2... but you guys beat me to it!
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