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Question Ok so what

Ok, now I need to expand my system.

So I would like to add the /var partition.

Still concerned about the quota.Do not wan to brake my shizeled ispconfig3.
AND would like to keep the quota in control of user space.

# <file system> <mount point> <type> <options> <dump> <pass>
proc /proc proc defaults 0 0
/dev/mapper/vg--u4s2-lv--root / ext4 errors=remount-ro,usrjquota=aquota.user,,jq fmt=vfsv0 0 1
/dev/mapper/vg--u4s2-lv--boot /boot ext4 defaults 0 2
/dev/mapper/vg--u4s2-lv--tmp /tmp ext4 defaults 0 2
/dev/mapper/vg--u4s2-lv--swap none swap sw 0 0
/dev/scd0 /media/cdrom0 udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8 0 0
/dev/fd0 /media/floppy0 auto rw,user,noauto,exec,utf8 0 0

Side note: (/var will be added using lvm just like all the above partitions -that does not changes anything quota vise and this post is not about how to do LVM.)

So what kind of mount options to assign to the new /var partition and how to enable quota so it will nicely interoperate with my current ispconfig3?

(Do not over look my current set up on the root partition as I feel that it may play some role with quota .)
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