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Thanks for the reply, Till.

I changed the necessary in order to get the DB connection going, however a "Your old password does not match" error from the Change Password screen. I think it has to do with the password encryption used.

Which encryption should I use? In the file:

// password_encryption
   // What encryption method do you use to store passwords
   // in your database?  Please use one of the following,
   // exactly as you see it:
   //   NONE          Passwords are stored as plain text only
   //   MYSQLPWD      Passwords are stored using the MySQL password() function
   //   MYSQLENCRYPT  Passwords are stored using the MySQL encrypt() function
   //   PHPCRYPT      Passwords are stored using the PHP crypt() function
   //   MD5CRYPT      Passwords are stored using encrypted MD5 algorithm
   //   MD5           Passwords are stored as MD5 hash
   $password_encryption = 'MYSQLENCRYPT';
and this is used also:

$csp_salt_static = 'LEFT(password, 2)';
Has anyone successfully used the Change SQL Password plugin with an ISPConfig3 and Squirrelmail setup??

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