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Originally Posted by Rowdy View Post
perhaps for small-scale starters I could simply have two actual servers, one being master/control panel, both dns, and they are both production.
This is what I am aiming for with a 2 server setup.

I have configured as ns1 (name server 1) and as ns2 (name server 2).

You might note as I did when you install server 2 ISPConfig you get this at the end of the install if you are working with a single domain name:

Configuring Firewall
Install ISPConfig Web-Interface (y,n) [y]: n

Configuring DBServer
Installing Crontab
no crontab for root
no crontab for getmail
* Restarting web server apache2
... waiting . ...done.
Installation completed.

I do not yet 100% understand why this is but I am thinking it is because the ISPConfig crontab daily script makes a round of all servers in the multiserver setup and then mails results to root on the primary server - it is in this way that all administration takes place on the primary server.

I have the following zones on

and on

in this scenario, mail is obviously configured for the domain name on

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