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Originally Posted by till View Post
I recommend that you update your master server to and then install the slave with too.
I will do just this and report back.

Originally Posted by till View Post
The access control panel is only on the master server. If a user checks email with its email client, e.g. outlook or thunderbird, it connects to the slave where its accounts are located.
So to recap here, if I have a master and two slaves, all users will connect to the master for control panel, dns management and such, but their site, ftp and email will most likely be on one of the other servers which I will statically assign as I see fit?

What is a typical medium scale configuration for this then, perhaps one that can expand most easily? Would I want a Master that doesnt host any sites or email? Or might I want a simple master/slave pair that holds XX users and then create another master/slave pair for more users...?

I suppose that dns play a major role in how you lay such a thing out. To keep it easy, I suppose you would want a Master server for the control panel, then two dns-only servers, and then at least one production slave for starters.

Is this a typical layout then, 4 to 5 servers and ip addresses?

but perhaps for small-scale starters I could simply have two actual servers, one being master/control panel, both dns, and they are both production.
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