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Thank you for taking the time to be so detailed.

I did install server2 as detailed and I did have to edit hosts entries on both.
The connect to master failed on previous attempts until I corrected the basic issues of authentication, name resolution and whatever else. It finally went, attached and looked like it was successful in its endeavor to register as a second server.

On server1, there is no indication in the database that it was successful. There exist no entries for server2. So I guess I'll try again and pay a little more attention to any discrepancies that I can report here.

Both versions are the same, but should I consider stepping up to the newest version then since I am removing and then reinstalling anyway?

Also, what is the final outcome of this setup as far as administration and then user interface?
Is all administration done only through the Master server?
Is the master the only server that knows about the others? ie: each server only knows about itself and the master?
Is the entire user database on the master only or does it get stored on each server in case the master goes down?
Do the users check mail, server pages and access control panel through the master or through the specific configured secondary?
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