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Originally Posted by mike_p View Post
The big problem matey is that your approach has been very rude and you tried to 'blame' ISPConfig for problems in the software that it controls.

For example there is no way that ISPConfig shoudl be held repsonsible for the 'deprecated #' warnings from PHP. That warning did not exist before version 5.3. Do you think ISPConfig should be repsonsible for replacing those comments in all the ini files that come with the other software packages?
That is incorrect. I did not blame ISPConfig for the "deprecated #" warning. I mentioned that the cron log file was filled with them, and I said the cron log was useless. Feel free to go re-read that statement in the other thread. Cron is not ISPConfig. Perhaps the developers are a little too sensitive, immediately assuming that any comment is targeted at ISPConfig when it's not. When I asked for help in that other thread (never ONCE blaming ISPConfig for my woes, and simply asking for a better understanding of why things were happening a certain way), I got a response that implied it was all my fault, it couldn't possibly be the fault of ISPConfig, and I ended up getting no help answering my questions.

However I *did* eventually blame the guide for that "deprecated #" issue, and that was incorrect on my part. The issue only happens when using a version of Ubuntu (and therefore php) that the guide was not written for, and for that I apologize.
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