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Originally Posted by mike_p View Post
Where is the perfect server guide for ISPConfig on Ubuntu 10.04 (RC1) ?
Yeah you're right, my apologies. The issue is not present when using Ubuntu 9.10.

You people are way too sensitive. My OP was a simple question asking why things happen the way they do, and it turned into a bitch-fest. I was only attempting to understand how ISPConfig 3 works. Go re-read my OP for this thread, it's not accusatory at all, it simply explains how something happened and asks for an explanation of why. The answer I got was:

"you must've killed the cron job manually"
"you must have a crazy partition setup"

(neither of which is accurate)

And then somehow it became a multi-thread battle to defend ISPConfig. Meanwhile, I've learned why there's a slight delay when I perform tasks in ISPConfig 3 (everything is done with a cron job), but I still have no idea why it sometimes takes 15+ minutes for something to happen, or why I get jobqueue error messages in my cron log.

For the record, I've given up on ISPConfig 3. I'm sure it's a great control panel with lots of promise, but this forum is the most unfriendly one I've ever participated in. In 10+ years of working with and contributing to open source software, I've never had such a negative experience with a community. You people leap to conclusions without reading everything, throw blame around (at people and "other software") instead of trying to help, and immediately feel threatened whenever someone asks for help with something that might be related to an outside package. Perhaps you should participate in other forums and learn how to interact with users, it might be a positive learning experience for everyone.
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