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Can't figure out how to put quotes in my posts yet ... but I'd like to comment that I've been trying ispconfig3 on lucid for a couple of weeks now and everything is working well without modifying falkos Perfect Karmic howto.

My earlier comment in this thread regarding the logging of
PHP Deprecated: Comments starting with '#' are deprecated in ...
are to be expected when one is working at the development level. A simple search of the web often gives answers.

Like till already said, this is a bug in ? some debian based systems like ubuntu which occurs when starting Apache with PHP. Details are here:

Other modifications I made relate to changing the hostname in postfix configuration to match what it says in /etc/mailname

That is to say specifically:
The ISPConfig3 installer changes "myhostname = " to "myhostname =" and /etc/mailname has "" ... so i did this:

cat /etc/mailname

vi /etc/postfix/

and changed

myhostname =


myhostname =

In any event - GoremanX was attempting to use my attempt to help him as fuel for his argument that ISPConfig 3 is in some way deficient - obviously I don't agree with this since I am happily using the software on my servers.

Quite simply there are responsibilities involved with owning and operating a server and when doesn't accept this they shouldn't bother the people who are willing to put in the work.
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