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The big problem matey is that your approach has been very rude and you tried to 'blame' ISPConfig for problems in the software that it controls.

For example there is no way that ISPConfig shoudl be held repsonsible for the 'deprecated #' warnings from PHP. That warning did not exist before version 5.3. Do you think ISPConfig should be repsonsible for replacing those comments in all the ini files that come with the other software packages?

And all your problems with localised PHP.ini: they're not down to ISPConfig yet you're having a rant about ISPCOnfig when you can't get it to work. Go to the PHP forums and have a hissy fit there instead.

If you set out to blame people, it's always going to come back in your face.

Troubleshooting at a distance requires a very careful analysis of what is going wrong: you then have to rule out any simple obvious causes. When offering support (whether free or paid) the last thing you need is having the person you're trying to help throw his toys out of his pram when you go through these steps.

You must know the famous story of the Wordperfect support line...

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