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Originally Posted by till View Post
This depends on the PHP type that you selected. Not all options are possible for all php settings. suPHP_ConfigPath is an option that is only working when you select suphp. It does not work when you use mod_php or php as fastcgi.
Well obviously suPHP_ConfigPath only works for suPHP. I haven't quite reached that level of dumbness yet. But right now, for me, it's not working. Also, I clearly stated in my OP that I was using suPHP.

Also, I referred to the field directly above the "Apache Directives" text area which is labeled "PHP open_basedir" and contains a bunch of directories which all point to the web root. Why doesn't this field actually do anything? phpinfo() still shows open_basedir as "none". Nothing is working for enabling open_basedir.

Originally Posted by till View Post
So your compliant here is that poeple do not work fast enough in their free time for you? How many hours do you work for free for others every day? If you need faster support, you can order paid support.
Nope, not at all. That's not my complaint in the least, my apologies if I expressed myself poorly. My complaint is that the documentation for ISPConfig 3 is almost non-existent. What little documentation there is is terrible. ISPConfig 3 is so different from ISPConfig 2 that using the latter's documentation with the former is impossible. When something doesn't work as intended or expected, there's nowhere to turn for help except this forum, and apparently the only people who actively participate are the main developers. This is in stark contrast to other forums like Joomla, phpBB and others, where help can be found readily from countless contributing members who aren't necessarily developers. I would love nothing more than learn ISPConfig 3 properly and then contribute on this forum, but learning it is a very aggravating task so far.

Originally Posted by till View Post
By the way, there are ten thousands of servers systems running ISPCOnfig without problems, so if you have problems with your installation, then this does not mean that there are any problems with ISPCOnfig in general.
There are billions of smokers in the world. Millions of people choose to bite their nails. Countless people think the iPad is the best thing since sliced bread. Your argument is meaningless.

Your software is not a perfect nirvana. Like all such software, it currently has bugs and is missing some key things. If it were perfect, it would never need updates and it wouldn't currently be at version

For example, what the heck are these two fields supposed to be? They're not even labeled!!!

Sure, eventually I figured out they were the UID and GID because it's essentially the same field layout as on the FTP User screen, but this is just another example of small things that generate confusion. Another thing that needs work: there's no option (that I found) to auto-create the DNS zone when creating a new site. This was an excellent feature in ISPConfig 2 that I can't find in ISPConfig 3 anymore.

Please don't sit there and pretend that "there aren't any problems with ISPCOnfig in general".

Originally Posted by till View Post
See > support. To contact us for paid support, send an email to support [at] projektfarm [dor] de
I don't know anymore... is paid support as bad as this? Where all my concerns get thrown back in my face and blamed on me? I already get that for free, I don't need to pay for it.
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