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This still doesn't work. My custom php.ini file still isn't being used.

Additionally, I notice there's a PHP open_basedir field right in the options for the site in ISPConfig, and it already has all the necessary values filled in, but phpinfo() still shows "open_basedir" as "none". What is the point of this field if it doesn't actually do anything?

I'd like to point out how incredibly frustrating ISPConfig 3 has been to work with so far... the documentation is miserable, the options in the control panel are not clear (some make no sense at all), and half the features don't appear to function as expected. I keep coming back here for help, and the help I get is usually inadequate and sometimes takes days to receive. Sometimes I get no help at all unless I practically beg. I REALLY REALLY want to give ISPConfig 3 a chance, but so far, my experience has been very discouraging. I feel like I'm wasting my time, and my server will never be up and running.

Are there paid support options for ISPConfig 3 which would give me _adequate_ support? I'm ripping my hair out trying to get things setup properly, and strongly considering changing to a paid product. If the paid support options are no better than this, then I give up.
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