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Default DNS Zone files not updateing.


I'm running ISPConfig 2.2.35 on Centos 5.4. It has been working fine. Yesterday things looked to be working fine. But now today the zone files for DNS are not getting updated.

If I go in to say DNS Manager and add an "A" record the zone file is not updated. However the record does show in the ISPConfig view. (Even if I log out and log in again).
So from ISPconfig things looks correct but the zone file is missing the "A" record.

If I add a new site with a new domain and I have the "Create DNS" ticked the site is created but no zone file is created.

If I add a new site and an existing domain and "Create DNS" is checked again the site is created but the zone file is not updated.

I have checked the permissions of the directory containing the Zone files and the zone files them selves and they look good to me.

I can't see anything in the ispconfig.log to show what the problem is.

Are there other places I can look to identify the problem.

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