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Default DNS issues in Ispconfig 3

I seem to be having some dns issues with my installation. I have a multi-server setup.

I have the following: Webserver1, Webserver2, NS-Server, Email-server, Mysql-server and ispconfig-master-server. Updated to This issue was happening before updating also (had 3.0.1.something before)

The installation seems to be working fine. The websites come up fine. The issues are that when I run any tests like dnscog or mxlookup they are unable to find any records for my domains.

Dnscog comes back and says it cant find a SOA. "We cannot find any SOA record returned from your nameservers." The nameservers at the domain registrar are pointing to the ns-server correctly.

In addition any time I add any new mx records they don't seem to be found. The dns servers also don't seem to come back as authoritative on the domains that atleast return the ns from nslookup.
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