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Originally Posted by kongi123 View Post
Many thanks again, RogueCoder. It now almost works. Besides adding your code in virtual file, I have to define virtual_alias_domains in, right? The problem is that I don't know the value to be used in virtual_alias_domains for "any domain". This is my code:

virtual_alias_domains = (.*) <--- The problem is in this line, I think- It is not working
virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual


Otherwise, it should work. However, I just predict a further problem. If a sender uses "bcc:" and then the email is sent to admin, as configed. Can the admin see the email list in bcc field? How can the admin see it? Thanks.
I'm probably wrong, but you may be able to see bcc info in the header's of the email received by the admin. Ive always hated bcc, its shady imo.
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