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Originally Posted by SimonH View Post
that line in your script should probably just be

TAR=`which tar`
Great script by the way go0ogl3, works perfectly for me, I just need to tag an scp command on the end now to send the backup to a remote box.

Nice job
Thanks Simon. Works great now thanks.

For the benefit of others who are at my level of learning, using this line:

40 3 * * * /etc/back-res 1>/dev/null 2>/dev/null
in the crontab will send all output into the 'bit bin'. That means where there were problems such as trying to backup a non existent directory it'll carry on with no offputting error messages to the user. It'll just run during the night with a nice surprise for the morning.

In debian lenny you can find the crontab: /etc/crontab then use your favourite editor to add that line.
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