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Default Postfix/Courier Maildirsize issue

Hey guys,
I just recently migrated my Postfix/Courier mail system off of a failing server. On the new server Im running into a issue with the maildirsize. Through some research it appears to be an issue with 32bit OS vs 64bit. Basically what happens is in my MySQL users table I have a user set to a 4gig quota. Ive gone into the users mail directory and modified the maildirsize to reflect the same 4gig's. When the user imap's his box the maildirsize file is changed back to 2gigs. Ive tried removing the maildirsize and allowing it to be recreated once a new email comes in and it still writes it out to 2gig size limit. I have gone from a 64bit system to a 32bit system. Is this a true issue related to 32bit OS? Is there a work around? Thanks guys!
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