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Post Ubuntu setup using SSH

Hi folks.

I have followed the ubuntu ISPConfig manual and on]Page 3 it stands for a SSH session from a different computer.
In the past I used PuTTY from a Window$ environment and much older I remember the "r-commands" (something like telnet). Anyhow, my question is: after I have installed the SSH server in my ubuntu box (as per the manual stands) I want to be able to continue it from my XandrOS box (debian based distro) from the command line (console) with SSH but the truth is that I visited the help pages ( and still can't figure how to connect from my xandros box to my ubuntu server. Is there a step-by-step manual or may anyone of you tell me how to do it?.
The main porpouse is to finish the setup from my xandros box (laptop) because the ubuntu's box monitor is almost "unreadable".

Tnx in advance for any comments.

Luis C. Suárez

PS. After my first installation (Ubuntu BOX), I made some mistakes in the IPs section, I mixed the numbers and also the passwords. Anyhow In this momment I'm starting from Zero. But I wanted to say that I installed PuTTY on this box and could never get into the Ubuntu session. I had previusly configured my router in DMZPlus for the Ubuntu box.
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