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Originally Posted by ricardoc View Post
Hi Falco,

I've been following all your articles dedicated to running VMs with VirtualBox using VBoxHeadless. They are an interesting proposal. I have noticed though that invariably you talk about one connection at a time. Since the RDP protocol is used with the host IP and not the guest, how can we set up simultaneous connections to more than one guest running on a headless Linux box with VirtualBox?

Also, how can VirtualBox itself be managed remotely on a headless server? Is there a tool for that?


I have some things I've noted running this at home you may be interested in, but let's start with the vrdp servers.

You can set the creation of each machine to have a vrdp server enabled on guest, rather than on the host itself.

I manage my server via ssh and some (admittedly poorly written) hacks. I can detail them here soon (I am just about to head into work, so I can post more when I get there.)

running an ssh service on the host allows you to su - to the user that runs virtualbox (or ssh in as that user, if you allow it) and run VBoxManage and VBoxHeadless commands. If you are looking for a graphical hypervisor, ssh -X to the user that runs VirtualBox and execute the command VirtualBox and you'll get the familiar graphical VirtualBox interface.

In the meantime, I'll post the command-line scripts I use to control the guests in a short while.
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