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I do not have any other mail program that connected to this server.

The server is behind firewall (hardware firewall) ports for pop and imap are open.

Messages that marked as spam do arrive and stored at junk as needed.

Messages fetched from remote server land in my inbox but after some time automatically deleted.

I am sending to the inbox messages that where sent from this very server and this very mail account thy get into the inbox and .... disappear after some time. To make it clear: i took a message from "sent" and resent it to the same account. Seconds later i see the resent message at the inbox and.. some time later it disappears.

From squirrelmail mailing list post i changed inbox so that it will not delete files even if i deleted them by myself. It did not helped.

I am going to try Evoluation to see if that phenomenal reproduce it self...

Thank you for trying.
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