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Default Odd problem with squirrelmail

Hi all,

I am experiencing an odd problem with squirrelmail.

I have installed Ispconfig using this howto:

The problem is:

When a message sent to the local mailserver or fetched from remote mail server (Thank you till for helping solving that) is see the new message in the "inbox" of the squirrelmail, as it should be But:

1. Leaving squirrelmail open for some time (it looks like 2 to 10 minutes) all messages in the inbox.. disappear ?!

2. Closing squirrelmail and reopening it... all the messages from the inbox... disappear to.

3. Only messages from the inbox disappear. Messages with **spam** go directly to "Junk", al so deleted messages stayes and ,also, messages stored at a new directory i opened at the client stay there as needed.

To make it clear: I did not configured squirrelmail other then what was needed and as written at the howto. Also i have not touched squirrelmail interface not is conf files.

I know this is not squirrelmail support forum but maybe someone came into this problem i have not found any of the described above at squirrelmail website.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

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