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Default The Perfect Server - OpenSUSE 11.2 - ISPConfig3 doesn't create anything

I've successfully gone through the following howto, despite some errors in the material:

Now everything is up and running, I can access the admin panel from everywhere, I can create resellers, I can create clients, so on, so forth. I get no error messages while performing any of these tasks.

Except... nothing actually happens. It seems to work in the admin panel, but when I create a new site, nothing actually gets created anywhere in the filesystem. No directories get created, nothing exists. I *think* the new site is supposed to get created in /srv/www/clients by default, but there is no /srv/www/clients directory. The name of the site I created is but there's nothing named *fpz* anywhere on my filesystem, despite the fact that the admin panel says everything worked fine.

I'm using ISPConfig on opensuse 11.2 32bit. The ispconfig log file is empty.

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