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Originally Posted by Mark_NL View Post
Strange, because you said:

Err stable Release.gpg                                                                                             
  Could not resolve ''
before, but it resolves just fine ..

what if you put this in your /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb lenny main
deb-src lenny main

deb lenny/updates main contrib
deb-src lenny/updates main contrib
By the time I read your reply I had transferred an Installation ISO to the target machine and loop mounted it.After wards gave the path to mounted folder where the installation CD was mounted
as following
openworld:~# xen-create-image --hostname=vignettes --size=150Gb --swap=4Gb --ip= --force --memory=2Gb --arch=amd64 --role=udev --install-method=debootstrap --install-source=/home/openworld/inscd/

General Information
Hostname       :  vignettes
Distribution   :  lenny
Partitions     :  swap            4Gb   (swap)
                  /               150Gb (ext3)
Image type     :  full
Memory size    :  2Gb
Kernel path    :  /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.26-2-xen-amd64
Initrd path    :  /boot/initrd.img-2.6.26-2-xen-amd64

Networking Information
IP Address 1   : [MAC: 00:16:3E:0B:3A:9B]
Netmask        :
Broadcast      :
Gateway        :

Removing /dev/virtualization/vignettes-swap - since we're forcing the install
Removing /dev/virtualization/vignettes-disk - since we're forcing the install

Creating swap on /dev/virtualization/vignettes-swap

Creating ext3 filesystem on /dev/virtualization/vignettes-disk
Installation method: debootstrap
(Source: /home/openworld/inscd/)

Running hooks

Role: udev
	File: /etc/xen-tools/role.d/udev
Role script completed.

Creating Xen configuration file
Setting up root password
Enter new UNIX password: 
Retype new UNIX password: 
passwd: password updated successfully
All done
So I infer that installation was successful.
But I have to
Q1) Do a xend start each time I reboot Dom0 I want to get rid of this.
Q2) DomU did not booted
I tried xm console dom name it gave me an error dom does not exist but the process did not stop in between so why is that error coming I am not able to boot DomU .
I do
xm start vignettes
I get error
WARING!  Can't find version 3.2 of xen utils, fallback to default version!
Error: Domain 'vignettes' does not exist.
There is a corresponding cfg file in /etc/xen so I am not clear with what is the cause of error ?
How can I get rid of this one?

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