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Unhappy Kinda clear...

You are and awesome dude for giving me this help, I thank you so much mate.
Well I totally understand how the DNS for the domains work, what I don't know is what to fill in the DNS forms

I'm a total newbie even with VPS, I manage to get all the appropiate services for ISPConfig 3 to work, and it did, what I don't know it's how to use it.. I mean, I go through the panel clicking here, clicking there and there are some foroms that I just don't know how to fill...

For instance, I need to add Clients or Users?, when I setup a new client, how do I configure his web service, and I don't know what to fill in the DNS section :S ... in this image for example, it asks me for IP, what IP?? one of the two of my VPS??.

I just don't know how to use it at all, that's all, kinda embarassing and frustrating too...

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