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Thumbs down Wordpress "ERROR 500-Internal..." on Debian Lenny ISPC3

Hello everyone =)

Been trying to play around with WordPress for about a week now and have had some serious issues getting it to install.

I have tried:

- downloading the tar.gz file and manually installing it using PHPMYADMIN and configuring the wp_config.php file

- using apt-get install wordpress, then moving files and configuring from that point.

I always get the same error, "ERROR 500 - Internal Server Error"

- I have ensured that the Database username and password was correct (did it 10 times between different setups to ensure this).
- I have ensured PHP was enabled on the site I am installing it on.
- I have tried creating the database in ISPC3 control panel, and using PHPMYADMIN for privileges etc...
- When I look into the subdirectory of my site that has the Wordpress files ( i get the same error, but when I place a txt file in that folder, i can access it from the web with no problem.

Any ideas?

I will post any log that you request.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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