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Originally Posted by till View Post
This is no workaround, it is the intended way of doing it. If you want a website, create a website. It does not matter for a website if a domain is or

The difference is very easy. An alias domain can be any domain while a subdomain can just be a subdomain. This is a often requested feature and separation from hosters as many of them allow free subdomains but not free alias domains.
To make it even more obvious:
With an alias you can do this:
main domain:
alias: (will point to
alias: (will point to
alias: (will point to

To till:
What people are reacting to is how subdomains are created.
(probably a typical one):
The way ISP Config 3 wants us to do this by using the sub-domain menu, it will actually be the same as:
Which sometimes is OK, unless you would like to have a subdomain like where you want to test your application with a different setting.
In Plesk they do it like this:
And the information regarding the subdomain is found in the vhost-file for the domain.

You should probably ask users how they implement sub domains. if it is the eq then do no changes.
If it is that people go and create a new website as, then I would consider changing the way ISP Config handles sub domains.
I for one support the latter as I am often testing out client websites in a sub domain ( before putting them into production (
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