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Default Can't connect to vmWare console on CentOS

I just finished installing CentOS 5.4 and vmWare Server 2 on my machine, following the steps outlined here

I did find out that there is no longer a console, but instead a web interface. However, when I attempt to access the web interface via https://myservername:8333 (also tried localhost) the browser comes back with a failed to connect message. I have checked my system logs and see no failures loading vmware services. During install when starting and stopping services, once service "autostart vms" or something to that effect failed to stop and start, but I was pretty sure that was simply due to the fact that no VMs are configured on the system as of yet.

My goal here is to get the smallest HostOS footprint possible and run 1-2 Windows Server VMs and possibly a pfSense VM as well. I read somewhere that CentOS would be good for very small footprints, but am open to other suggestions if I can't get this working. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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