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Default ISPC3 Theme/Template

Hey all,

I'm working on a new theme for ISPConfig3 and was working on using css classes for the left menu and got a bit of a problem with it.

I can't find unique var name I can use to define each menu item individually.
I tried cheating and using <tmpl_var name='title'> and got some success until I noticed the Monitor menu and the left side bar shows Server to Monitor with some screwed up text in the class name breaking html.

<li class="<tmpl_var name='title'>">
<tmpl_if name="link">
<a href="#" onClick="loadContent('<tmpl_var name='link'>')">
<tmpl_var name="title">
<tmpl_if name="link">

Is there a var name that contains unique names that can be used for css. ie ones without spaces etc.
Or is there a way to know what template vars are available. so far it appears the language text is possible but not sure what else, especially one for the combo server select box I have a problem with.

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