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I think it is not so bad. AWstats has 2 ways to install. The first way is with a cronjob every day, the second way is with realtime stats.
Ofcourse realtime stats are better for the user wanting to view the latest statistics about his website. But installing AWstats this way has also disadvantages. Every time a user wants to view his stats the logfile has to be read and statistics have to be made. This takes a lot of cputime. It can be even too much...I really prefer the way it is now.

In the past, before there was a AWstats package for ISPconfig I installed AWstats myself with realtime statistics. I do not remember how I did it, but I simply followed the instructions. I was a beginner at that time and had no problems installing it. If you are already waiting for a year, maybe you can give it a try yourself, it cannot be so difficult...
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