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Default ISPConfig3 Unlimited Mail Quota Problems

One of servers I manage has ISPConfig3 (Ubuntu 9.04 perfect server)

NONE of the mailboxes have ever been set to have a quota.

All of a sudden, a few days ago, I started noticing problems.

I had maildrop tell me it couldn't deliver mail due to "over quota". I checked the settings for that mailbox and it had a 30MB quota set (even though I have never set a quota for it). I set the quota back to 0MB and it won't allow mail delivery. I set it to 2000MB to allow the mail in the queue to deliver, then set it back to 0MB and it seems to work.

Today, I have end-user call me and say they haven't receive any email for 5 hours. I check the queue and they are stuck with "over quota" errors. I checked the settings for that mailbox and it had a 0MB quota set (this means unlimited, yes?). I set the quota as 2000MB and the mail queue cleared.

Where did ISPConfig pull the 30MB setting from?

Why won't email delivery succeed when a 0MB quota is set?

How do I know this won't start occurring on ALL of the mailboxes? Do I need to go through and set them all at a high value??
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