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Question Debug mysqld goes offline

I have a production server with mysql database that keeps going offline. I have to restart mysqld to bring it back up. This happens about twice a day.

Running Software:
fedora 12
php 5.3.1 with cgi/fastcgi
mysql 5.44.1 with odbc support enabled
apache 2.2.14-1

Mainly this server handles data entry through a web interface. However, we have some data reports that we run through microsoft access (there is a msaccess db that some users have on their desktops that can perform these queries and reports) that links to the tables with an odbc driver version 5.1

How can I track this down? I don't see anything unusual in /var/log/mysqld.log

1. Just migrated to new fedora 12 server from fedora 10 server. Same problem existed on the previous server.
2. Running msaccess queries does not cause mysqld to freeze. These queries do execute successfully.

I suspect some sort of memory problem since the server will be fine for a while but then fail after a period of increased use for apparently no reason. Could this be related to Innodb settings for mysql or perhaps hard drive "write-back" cache? Would adjusting my settings in /etc/my.cnf be helpful?

Stumped ... any help - thanks in advance!
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