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Default ISPConfig 2.2.1 released

ISPConfig 2.2.1 is available for download.

This release adds support for Fedora Core 5 and CentOS 4.3,
clamassassin was added (replaces trashscan) and many bugs
were fixed.

Detailed Changelog

- New: Added support for Fedora Core 5.
- New: Added support for CentOS 4.3.
- Update: Update of the Italian translation.
- Update: Replaced trashscan with clamassassin.
- Update: Updated ClamAV to version 0.88.1.
- Bugfix: Server hostname is now recognized correctly in ISPConfig interface.
- Bugfix: Added some patches for more secure passwords.
- Bugfix: Create backup of existing ISPConfig installation in case of an update.
- Bugfix: When a client deletes a user from the recycle bin, the user is now
removed from /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow correctly.
- Bugfix: Default MX records now use the full hostname of the system.
- Bugfix: ISPConfig userdb passwords do not show up in logfile anymore.
- Bugfix: Missing newline at end of named.conf.
- Bugfix: Partitions are now shown correctly even with LVM partitions.
- Bugfix: Web space statistics: Usages of more than 1 GB are now shown as GB, not KB.
- Bugfix: Logsplit does not fail for "localhost" records anymore.
- Bugfix: Firewall and monitoring rules do not disappear anymore after an update.
- Bugfix: Removal of web groups is now working.
- Bugfix: The email addresses were shown with the full hostname. Example instead of This has been fixed.
- Bugfix: The monitoring summary (Management -> Server -> Services -> Monitoring)
now displays the port numbers that are monitored.
- Bugfix: /root/ispconfig/uninstall does now delete the ISPConfig entries from the
Apache configuration.



Installation Instructions

Download the ISPConfig-2.2.1.tar.gz from

Installation on the shell as root User:

tar xvfz ISPConfig-2.2.1.tar.gz
cd install_ispconfig

The installer automatically detects the installed ISPConfig version and performs an update.
Till Brehm
Get ISPConfig support and the ISPConfig 3 manual from
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