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Default Using AjaxPlorer integrated with ISPCONFIG


No really an Howto, but, some info how I integrated AjaxPlorer with my multiserver ISPCONFIG setup. I attached to this post all files changed to get the integration done.

In the ISPCONFIG master server:

1) Install and make work the default AjaxPlorer in /var/www/AjaXplorer - in the attached file is an apache configuration file named ajaxexplorer.conf, put it on /etc/apache2/conf.d

2) Access Ajaxplorer in your browse using an URL like and test using the default login for newly installed Ajaxplorer. If it's works go to step 3, else, correct erros and try again.

3) Add to the AjaxPlorer plugins dir the directory named "auth.ispconfig" from the attached file, correct file permissions and owners.

4) Get the conf.php from the attached file and put in the ajaxPlorer installation dir server/conf, change permissions/owner.

5) Edit the new conf.php and change the configuration to allow ajaxPlorer acces your ISPCONFIG database. You need to change $CONF_STORAGE and $AUTH_DRIVER.

6) Create on the ISPCONFIG master database the tables used by AjaxPlorer configuration. You can get an sql file inside plugins/conf.sql - remember, these tables MUST BE on the ISPCONFIG master database.

7) Copy from the attached zip the file ftp_user.tform.php to /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/sites/form/ftp_user.tform.php - by default ISPCONFIG store the FTP user password encrypted, but, ajaxPlorer need to read it to make an login to the FTP server where the client must login in.

all changes in the ISPCONFIG master server are done.

In the ISPCONFIG www server (where the client sites are hosted):

1) Put in the /usr/local/ispconfig/server/plugins-avaiable the file from the attached file.
2) Change /etc/pure-ftpd/db/mysql.conf: MYSQLCrypt cleartext

done changes on the www server.

Some clarifications about this setup:

1) I have an multiserver ISPCONFIG setup
2) The login name for AjaxPlorer is the client login and password in ISPCONFIG, not the FTP login.
3) after logged in AjaxPlorer the client have all FTP repositories from his account avaiable to browse.
4) I Know, change the storage method from encrypted to plain text for the FTP accounts is not good for security, but, AjaxPlorer need to read the password in plain text to make the login in the FTP server to allow work. An solution for this can be make an auth plugin for pure-ftpd.
5) To put an icon on ISPCONFIG to call a new window with AjaxPlorer is only a matter of change the WEB2FTP example.

To Be Done:

1) Make the client login automatic in AjaxPlorer.
2) Add client MySql databases as reporitories on AjaxPlorer - this can be done adding some code in the MySql plugin as I have made for the FTP plugin.

After all, sorry for my bad english.
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