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Exclamation How to add IP Addresses for website use?

Short summary:

After configuring an IP address + site in ISPconfig, the ip address is not actually "up" on the server and thus the website is not accessible - why not?

Details follow:



I'm trying to configure a new install of ISPConfig 3.0.2 This is a brand new install on Debian Lenny/5.0 I used the HowToForge "Perfect Install" instructions.

I have a number of clients who need sites that will use SSL certificates so of course each site needs its own IP address.

I have 2 separate installs on two servers - one I have tinkered with, the other is still pretty fresh.

On the first server: I logged in and went to "System" tab > "Server IP Addresses"

The "Server" drop down and "IP Address" box were empty.

I clicked the button "Add new IP address"

In the form that followed, "Server" was preset to my host system's FQDN (which is fine) - I put the address in the " IP Address" field, I think I un-checked "HTTP NameVirtualHost" because you can't use SSLs on a NBVH and then clicked save.

When I returned to the System > "Server IP Addresses" page I see in the list my server's name and next to it the first IP I added. So I added another IP to the same "server".

Now in the list I see the two ip addresses listed: my server's FQDN (host.mydomain.tld) listed in the first column and the two IPs listed in the second column.

Good so far!

So I made a reseller account and 2 client accounts.

In another browser I logged into the first client account > Site tab > "Website" > "Add new website". The first question in the form is the IP address, which has a drop-down selection menu with * and the two IPs I added. Great! I selected the first IP, entered a domain, options, auto-subdomain of www.* , Active, Save.

Went to my external DNS host, configured a new A record to point to that IP address - but the site doesn't pull up.

When I check on the host Linux OS with ifconfig and "ip addr sh" those 2 additional IPs I added in ISPconfig are not actually "up" on the server.

So what did I miss, and what am I supposed to do now? Are the IP addresses supposed to be configured in the Linux host OS system separately from ISPconfig first? Or is there something I need to do inside ISPconfig to "activate" the IP address?


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