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Default New - interface does not match docs and userguides!


I am not accustomed to writing "newbie, please help" posts but I'm having an unusually bad time here:

I just setup a brand new install of ISPConfig. Version is 3.0.2.
I set it up on Debian Lenny/5.0
I used these instructions: which worked fine.

However, the interface I see does not match the userguides guides, the documentation, the screenshots, the demo system, or anything that I can find. I feel very lost.

Is there an IRC channel or anything similar for ISPConfig?

What I was hoping to do was use ISPConfig to allow my own customers to setup websites (including PHP & mysql) with FTP accounts and be able to manage their own site names + SSL certs for the site

Of course I need to start by adding IP addresses to the "system" so that they'll be available for the customers to use.

But the fact that the interface I see does not match the documentation is really causing me problems!

So I am looking for some "Getting started" information that includes how to add IP addresses for use with SSL sites, and how to correctly setup a customer (I'm thinking reseller level) to host his own websites.

When I say "host his own web sites" I mean I need to create an account that has an IP based virtualhost with SSL, with FTP access and a mysqlDB access.

Any assistance is appreciated!


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