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Originally Posted by till View Post
No, thats not the case. You use a san, clusterfilesystem or shared NFS server for /var/www and /var/vmail for such setups.
Ok, i understand. This kind of setup is useful when fs is replicated also via any method.

Yes. Or you combine it with a mirror. You can manage as many servers as you need and mirror some or all of them as needed for a specific setup.
Now that i have the mirroring activated from master to slave, when i try to add a site or mail domain, cp only let me choose the master server. So i cant add a service only in slave. I guess that in a replicated relationship it makes no sense to create services only in slave. Then that setup is not worth to have dns replicated.

No, thats not the case. As the slave servers dont have access to these tables on the master.
Actually, as all db is mirrored, per definition, all info is available also in slaves (for example accounts hashed passwords). My needs are two servers, that when one is a main mail server, the other one acts as a relay, the web sites can be in both to load balance, and for dns one must be primary and the other one secondary. That way, the mirrored setup doesnt work for that setup, and i will be better with two standalone servers, if i can manage how to configure one dns zone to act as secondary.
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