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-We can add services to master, and the configuration (db) will be replicated to slave, but not the information, like php files or mails. So as it is, is only usefull for dns (because all info is in db).
No, thats not the case. You use a san, clusterfilesystem or shared NFS server for /var/www and /var/vmail for such setups.

-We can add services directly to slave (vi master cp), and in this case the configuration will only be in the slave db. True ?
Yes. Or you combine it with a mirror. You can manage as many servers as you need and mirror some or all of them as needed for a specific setup.

If it work that way, i see the inconvenient that accounts (www,mail) created in master, are less secure, because a security problem in a slave can compromise credentials in master.
No, thats not the case. As the slave servers dont have access to these tables on the master.
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