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Whilst digging through my system yesterday I found out something that may be of relevance.
ISPConfig thinks my MySQL server is down. It reports it as such in the monitor section. I know it isn't because I have websites that use it and I've been using it in the command line.
I also noticed my fetchmail has stopped fetching my mail.
I wondering if ISPConfig thinking the MySQL server is down (for some unknown reason) is why ftp and fetchmail have stopped working? Could it possibly assume that the login details for both will be unavailable and therefore not try to carry out the task?

Some of the actions it carries out must be working and using MySQL as I can create accounts and see their details in the ispconfig database tables.

Another thing that makes me think maybe this is all MySQL related is that the problems occurred soon after I had modified a users remote access in the mysql command line.
I didn't touch the ispconfig database but I've use the following command to allow me to view several databases remotely:

mysql> GRANT ALL ON <db_name>.* TO root@'<my_ip>' IDENTIFIED BY '<my_root_password>';

I didn't do this to my ispconfig database but it was after I did this that my ftp went down and fetchmail stopped running.

Any ideas? Is there something I can do to the ispconfig configuration that would refresh it's MySQL settings or something and get this working again?
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