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Default The Perfect Setup - Fedora Core 4


I am trying to follow this tutorial, but I am using fedora core 5 instead of fedora core 4. Everything is fine until i get to

Install apt For Fedora

apt is the packaging system used on Debian. Since it cares much better for package dependencies than rpm it would be nice if we could use it on our new Fedora system. This would save us a lot of hassle. Fortunately, apt has been ported to a lot of rpm based distributions, and is also available for Fedora Core 4 (you will love it... :-)). In this tutorial I will use a mixture of Fedora's yum and apt, because not all yum packages are available for apt and vice versa.

rpm -ivh
I have tried looking at in my web browser, but cannot find a file which looks like the one in quote above.

Do I try installing the one for fedora core 4?

I would be very grateful for any help.

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