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Default Perfect setup x68_64[ispconfig 3] issue


I'm having issues on receiving emails on a fresh setup. I've run a Postfix/Dovcot setup for my personal email for years but my work recently had to leave a windows box up so I put my hand up and offered to setup a linux solution and get rid of windows. I'm a developer(php/.NET) here so this isn't 100% my fortay.

I ran through your great guide 2 or 3 times to iron out the bits I wasn't to sure on and I'm quite confident I set it up correctly bar one step at the start (I added$releasever/testing/$basearch/ repo in order to update php to 5.2.10)

The issues that I'm gettinng I'm assuming are all related:
- UBE messages returned to a majority of emails trying to be sent to any of the 6 domains being hosted on the box
- the root (root@localhost) user on the box is getting a great deal of emails though I have not set this address anywhere (200 or so a day)
- Users are peridiodicly getting UBE messages related to sending email to themselves though they have never actually done this IE
(A message from <>

Other than this it seems ot be running perfecly.

I have never dealt with SPF records before so that could be an issue (I'm a MCSE and would like to think I understand DNS) but would love any help anyone can shed there.

I don't really know where to go next. I've played around with the settings in amavisd to PASS a lot of the email it would originally discarded or returned but to no avail. I've read up on SPF records and double /treble checked the mx records (plus tested with third party apps).
I can't see a pattern appearing with the emails that are not being recieved. I will send a email a few times from my own account and it will com up as BCE then send one an hour later after not changing anything and it will come through fine

I was converted from windows a long time ago and really don't want this to fail and give the M$ techies here a bad impression of it just becasue of a terrible experience with it now.

Thanks in advance, any responce will be a help (I feel like I have wasted my time for 2 days now)

I've not added any logs there but only as I'm not sure what you'll ask for.

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