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Falko, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Even though my config.php for the change_sqlpass is exactly as in the howto. But the problem lies somewhere there... because when I disable that plugin using the script, everything works just fine. Here are the lines based on ur tutorial that I put in my config.php

$csp_dsn = 'mysql://mail_admin:*******@';

$lookup_password_query = 'SELECT count(*) FROM users WHERE email = "%1" AND password = %4';

$password_update_queries = array('UPDATE users SET password = %4 WHERE email = "%1"');

$password_encryption = 'MYSQLENCRYPT';

$csp_salt_static = 'LEFT(password, 2)';
//$csp_salt_query = 'SELECT salt FROM users WHERE username = "%1"';

$csp_delimiter = '@';
Of course in the first line, my user for the database 'mail' is mail_admin and I put the appropriate password. However, I am not sure if the last part is correct: @
Because my setup is a little different. The postfix/courier are on the server. Perhaps the problem lies here. What would be the correct directive?

Thanks a lot. Cheers.
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