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Default Newbie Needs a lil help

I am new here and I decided to try installing ISPConfig on my development server mainly to see how it works in comparison to Webmin (this is a brand new server but webmin was automatically installed with the linux installation).

So I got it installed and the page to login showed up fine, but, when I went to put in my administrator user name and password it was not accepted. Furthermore, when I did some research on these forums, concerning this topic, I saw some mention of 'ISPConfig ISP Marnanger' as a way to check on what users there are, registering a new client / user, etc., but, I don't know how to load 'ISPConfig ISP Marnanger'.

In a nutshell:

1. I want to create clients / users
2. I want to know how to access ISPConfig ISP Marnanger'
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