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Default I trust that I can get this done with your help


Just to make sure before I go on.

On godaddy i have that is just used as the tech site to add this:
A Record= srv0 IP (4 physical server @ home)
A Record= srv1 IP (4 physical server @ work)
A Record= srv2 IP (4 physical server in the future @ home)
A Record= srv3 IP (4 physical server in the future @ work)

then I build centos= during install when asked:
[www]= answer [srv0]
[tld]= answer []

then this home server now=
then I repeat at work=

Now, only talking about home at this point I go here:
1. go to
2. change password
3. go to DNS Manager and add Master= with IP=Public
4. click Records while still in DNS Manager for and add A Record=srv0 with ip
4. next I add my client(s), hostplan and so on..
5. Then create a site on server=
[create site]=, add users, database, so on then check the box for DNS=yes. Move to DNS manager and under Domain (SOA):
Then click Record and give to [www]
6. go to filezilla and use either my private or the public and get there..add my site files.
7. hit the site and all works including all aspects of email.

Then I go to work and repeat all exactly the same but use srv1 with and repeat all...and it always worked.

Now, I am sure that there is nothing wrong with any updates or version but that I just need to add a glue record but I am just saying that what I discribed was how I always have done it and it just worked.

So, (and sorry to step you through it all but maybe it will serve as a good
thing for someone) but where do i add the "glue" record...on Godaddy under somewhere or on the ISPConfig server and which server..sr0 or srv1 or both....and one last question sir...if I don't turn on srv1 do I still need a glue record


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