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Default Details on problem /mailuser login and more (long)

What's Up with This? I deleted the (2) required dirs again and will now run a fresh install.

I'm not mad or anything just a little lost as always.

I am behind a linksys router and have a WAN static IP from my provider 216.X.X.X
The linksys is the gateways with an ip of 192.168.1.x and the debain box with ISPconfig
installed is behind it also on a 192.168.1.x address (these are also static LANS), able to get online ping IP's the whole works. The ports that need forwarding are doing so with no issues.

I also have two registered domains and
I also have a primary name server glued by using my static IP however after a new install nslookup cannot see it, however since does secondary dns I'm able to load the page.

I follow (no webalizer install) the steps located at for the debian 3.1 setup.

In the dir called admin I do the following.
tar xvfz ISPConfig*.tar.gz
cd install_ispconfig

This part works great.

I go through the certification process on the command line and in steps 7 & 8 I say no.

I go through the "standard" setup saying yes to postfix and proftp.

Please enter your MySQL server: localhost
Please enter your MySQL user: etc etc

.......then it goes to

Please enter the IP address of the ISPConfig web: Do I add my WAN static IP from my provider or my router 192.168.1.x IP and if I make a mistake where do I change it?For the sake of this long question I put in my router assigned address 192.168.1.x, the same address I have in /etc/network/interfaces.
(there is no second IP installed there)

Please enter the host name (e.g. www):www
Please enter the domain:
I pick https and it says I have connected to MYSQL server, restarts postfix.
I get the Congrats screen and it's ready for me to login to I login change my password and am ready to "try" to make some sites.

The actual tool is pretty fast I don't have to wait 30 to 60 seconds more like 5-10.

My tree looks like this.

Recycle Bin

The first thing I do is click "New Client" since I want the basics first (Not New Reseller).

Group: admin
Title: Client
Folder: admin, Reseller, Clients, Sites (I leave it as admin)

I fill out the information needed in Master Data.
I then click SAVE for the purpose of explanation.

The tree now looks like this:

Recycle Bin Client

I click " Client" in the tree so that I can click the "Site Management" tab.
I click the New button

Reseller: admin
Customer: Client
Hostingplan: Individual Settings


Group: admin
Title: Site
Folder: admin, Reseller, Clients, Sites (I leave it as admin again)
Server: Server 1
Hostname: www
IP Address: 192.168.1.x
Space MB: -1
Traffic MB: -1
Traffic Exceedance: No Action
Max. User: -1
Max. Domain: -1

Everything is checked from Shell Access to MAIL USER LOGIN for the purpose of testing.
I click save again and now "Site Management" has an IP of 192.168.1.x listed. I click on
that IP address then "USER and EMAIL" tab and begin to make an email account.

Real Name: my name
Username: web1_myname
Password: somepassword
WebSpace MB: -1
MailSpace MB: -1
Administrator: CHECKED
Shell Access: CHECKED

Advanced Settings Tab I leave everything blank and unchecked.
Spamfilter and Antivirus I leave everything blank and unchecked.

I click "Save" and now in "USER and EMAIL" I see

User Surname Email Admin CatchAll
web1_myname my name myname 1 0

NOTE: FOR some reason it had a co-domain listed with the same IP, I deleted that.

I also click the "OPTIONS TAB" and mail server says "Local Mail Server"
Logsize: 30%

DirectoryIndex: index.html

The SSL tab is also blank just so you know.


Web-Server: Online
FTP-Server: Online
SMTP-Server: Online
POP3-Server: Online
BIND-Server: Online
mySQL-Server: Online

Web Server: On
FTP Server: On
SMTP Server: On
DNS Server: On
mySQL Server: On
Firewall: Off


Okay at this point I click the header

"Web Selection" shows
Select Web: Site (nothing else to pick in drop down)
Username : web1_myname
Password : some password

I click selection and it logs me in and I see a number of folders.


Question #1 Great but now which folder do I create my first web page in and
what is the URL PATH?
Question #2 Still not able to login to

If I missed something please tell me I'm trying as hard as I can with this stuff.
Debian 3.1 sarge stable user, site to install ispconfig to a tee. Linux student for life. Apache 2.0 with Postfix.
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