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Originally Posted by till View Post
No, we dont have this numbers. But as updates that are done trough the ispconfig update script do not count to these 17000 downloads as updates were not downloaded from sourceforge, I guess it might be several 10 000 systems.

Most ispconfig developers use debian, but with todays release of version 3.0.2, it is now much easier to install it on centos as ispconfig now supports dovecot and it is not nescessary anmore to compile courier. For the latest installation instructions for centos 5.4 with dovecot, please take a look in the docs folder of the ispconfig tar.gz file.

It would be great if you would release your patches as open source and integrate them into the main ispconfig development branch. If you are interested to join the ispconfig development team, please send me an email to dev [at] ispconfig [dot] org
Thanks a lot. This is exactly what we are planning -- have the patches merged back into ISPConfig. That would be a win-win for everyone.
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