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Default How popular is ISPConfig?

We are trying to decide if we should support ISPConfig on CloudLinux. We made an OS that specifically targets shared hosts. It makes sure that a single site cannot bring down or slow down the server.
Yet, before we make the investment into support ISPConfig -- I want to understand what to expect.
How active is development community?
How many people are using it?
If anyone could help me out with it -- I would appreciate it.

I know that porting will be simple (due to CloudLinux being interchangeable with CentOS). We would basically need to make sure that ISPConfig does the same thing on CloudLinux as it does on CentOS. After that -- just add one more apache module via RPM -- and we are done.
Yet, it is still an expense, and I am trying to understand if it worth it.
Opinion of the ISPConfig community would matter a lot.
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