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Lightbulb More info about restore

Originally Posted by andypl View Post
At the outset thanks for the nice script.
There is one problem ... me restore everything was full and incremental archive and what if the customer specifically totaled some directories and files? if the script can somehow delete the deleted files or directories?
The script is unpacking all files to the date requested then is asking you if you want to delete the files created right after the restore date. You see a list of all the files or dir's which will be deleted. If you answer "yes" all files and directories created after the requested restore day are deleted. You can answer no and delete the files or dir's using what pattern you like, after the scripts unpacks all incremental archives.

You can try the restore part of the script and I recomend everybody to test this part but not directly on /. Use the tmp dir for example. If it's a full linux system you can chroot if you want and test your system before actual restoration.

Have a nice day!
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