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Default Observations and testing:

The configuration of, from ispconfig-3 shows all this:
HarddiskQuota:-1, CGI+, SSI+, SuEXEC+, OwnErrorDocs+, AutoSubDomain:*. , SSL+, PHP:Fast-CGI , Active+ .

The core web domain has a Redirect configured, thus: Redirect Type: L, Redirect Path: /subdomain/

Immediately after running: chmod 755 /var/www/ , I am able to reach the default ispconfig 'welcome' page, as well as the correctly configured subdomain, BUT: If I make any change to core web domain's Redirect tab, and hit save, then I start getting the 403 errors to all pages.

I made this change to the web redirect: ,(and DNS is properly configured for this subdomain). After modifying the web redirect, looking at the permissions of ~/web, I find them to be 710 (drwx--x---). So, again, I run chmod 755 web, and I'm back to my previous status, where i can reach the default 'welcome', and the subdomain I mentioned.

The web redirect did not seem to work, and I'm unfamiliar with where in the file structure it's making changes. I'm actually trying to get any request for and to instead open .

So, I modified Auto-Subdomain on the webdomain Website tab to : www.

AGAIN, the permissions at web got changed to 710, with 403 errors. Again, I did chmod 755 web.

Now, there is peace: All ( ,, and are correctly opening my gate-way subdomain page to my webs.

So, why does making changes in the Web Domain Website and Redirect tabs cause a permissions change at /var/www/ ? Can ( or should) I be able to reconfigure that behavior. Is it a bug, or a feature?


And where, ideally, in the web file structure, should I be adding back my other subdomains? Will I run into difficulty with Auto-Subdomain set to :.www ? I seem to recall it working when set at .* on the previous server.

I hope these notes make sense, and are helpful. Thanks, as ever, for your fine work with these how-to's, and for the assistance on this problem.
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